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Ads Are in Your Mailbox Because They Work

Advertising is like picking out paint for your bedroom. If you aren’t going with white, the choices will make you dizzy.
There’s always been a lot of options out there and one choice that has been available for a very long time, and remains excellent today, is direct mail advertising. Just about each day when you retrieve mail, you pull ad flyers and postcards from your mailbox. A lot of the mailed ads are from large companies and those pieces are in your mailbox because they work.
The big companies have done their research and know mailing ad messages increases sales. Yet even if you aren’t big, you can take advantage of the power of direct mail
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Yard Signs, Magnetic Signs Bring You $

If you travel to job sites for your work, you need to be advertising when at the site and on the way there.
Yard signs and car magnets are inexpensive ways to promote your business. Contractors should have magnetic signs on their vehicles. Once on site, contractors should put yard signs out.
Neighbors and passersby are curious and will often stop or slow down to see why a new vehicle is at a house in their neighborhood. A yard sign identifies that you aren’t a random white van but a business doing work.
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When you are planning flyers, door hangers, brochures, postcards and most printed media, you need to give serious consideration to how photographs will be used in your marketing material.
Our eyes are attracted to images and one image can often quickly convey more information than a 500-word article. Good photographs not only make your printed material look professional but they draw the reader into the printed words and that is what we want.
Should you take your own photos for your next brochure? You can and with today’s cell phones, good results can be had at a low cost. The photos will look “real” because it is your business being photographed.
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10 Tips On Using Business Cards

The printed business card is the front-line networking tool in your pocket or purse. (We hope you have a card in your pocket or purse right now).

How you use your card is just as important as the design of the card or what type of paper or plastic it is printed on. Great cards need to be handed out in great ways. Here are some ways to get your business card seen:
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Here Is How To Hand Out A Standout Product

When we work with customers on customizing items to market their business, our customers sometimes ask for something unique, something that really stands out.
While business cards, flyers and brochures are staples that inform customers and lead to purchases, sometimes you want something that is more geared to making a splash.
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How To Pick The Right Paper

When customers order a print job, they will specify a few qualities about the paper the job is to be printed on.
The thickness of the paper is usually the first thing the customer addresses. Will it be thin, thick or heavy? Then there is the color of the paper and its finish, coated or uncoated.
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Door Hangers Get Results!

Door hangers are a sure way to get a message picked up and read. There really isn’t another way to get “front door advertising...
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Good Printing Design Makes Envelopes Pop

Most of us hold an envelope every day. The daily act of checking the mailbox puts us in contact with envelopes. In most cases, the envelopes we come in contact…
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What Makes A Good Marketing Flyer?

Flyers are one of the oldest forms of written communication. The flyer is over 550 years old and it was one of the first things produced when printing was invented.…
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Flyer vs. Brochure

Which Should Be Printed For Your Business? An 8.5x11 brochure is printed on the same sheet of paper as an 8.5x11 flyer. Even though both products are similar in origin…
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