Photography blog


When you are planning flyers, door hangers, brochures, postcards and most printed media, you need to give serious consideration to how photographs will be used in your marketing material.
Our eyes are attracted to images and one image can often quickly convey more information than a 500-word article. Good photographs not only make your printed material look professional but they draw the reader into the printed words and that is what we want.

Should you take your own photos for your next brochure? You can and with today’s cell phones, good results can be had at a low cost. The photos will look “real” because it is your business being photographed.
However, this process usually takes longer than you think it will. Using your phone for simple shots like the outside of a building or a car is often fine. However, getting good light for product photos and photos of people at work is tricky.
Keep in mind often photos have to be “worked” in a program like Photoshop to really pop. This process always takes longer than you think it will.

This is a low-cost and time saving option. There are many web-based services out there that allow you to search for things like “man painting building” and you are given images to pick. You get quality photos fast, allowing you to return to your main work.
The drawback is that stock images often look stock. The man painting the building might be surrounded by cactus and your business is in the lush East Texas piney woods.

This is the best option but the most expensive. You get the quality of the stock photos but the organic and natural feel of them being shot on location.
If your branding and marketing campaign extends over several platforms like a website, social media and your printed material, professional photographs can be worth the expense, especially if your business does not change a great deal over time.
Texas Printers can help you with photography and design for your next campaign. We have access to thousands of stock photos and we can also send a professional photographer to your business.
Contact us and we will help you figure out you photography needs.