Business crads dec 14 2020

10 Tips On Using Business Cards

The printed business card is the front-line networking tool in your pocket or purse. (We hope you have a card in your pocket or purse right now).

How you use your card is just as important as the design of the card or what type of paper or plastic it is printed on. Great cards need to be handed out in great ways. Here are some ways to get your business card seen:

1. Keep cards with you at all times. Store them in wallets, purses, automobile glovebox.
2. Get good service at a restaurant? Leave a nice note on the back of your business card and place it on the table as you leave.
3. Pin your card on bulletin boards in high traffic areas like restaurants and stores.
4.  The edges of cards can get worn when carried. Replace these cards so you are handing out a crisp card every time.
5.  Hand out two cards and ask the recipient to pass the extra to a friend.
6. Snap photos of your card and text it to new contacts.
7. Insert your card into the ID holder of your luggage.
8.  Place cards into letters and mail-outs.
9.  If you are going to a trade show or event, check your business card inventory and order more if low.
10.  Know a place that has referred you or can refer you? Leave them a supply of your cards.