Ads Are in Your Mailbox Because They Work

Advertising is like picking out paint for your bedroom. If you aren’t going with white, the choices will make you dizzy.
There’s always been a lot of options out there and one choice that has been available for a very long time, and remains excellent today, is direct mail advertising. Just about each day when you retrieve mail, you pull ad flyers and postcards from your mailbox. A lot of the mailed ads are from large companies and those pieces are in your mailbox because they work.
The big companies have done their research and know mailing ad messages increases sales. Yet even if you aren’t big, you can take advantage of the power of direct mail.

Mail to the Ones Who Know You 
The simplest way to get started is to mail to your existing customer list. This can be as simple as printing a basic 4x6 postcard and handwriting the addresses. Mail 20-30 a week for a couple of months and you touch a lot of customers. You can also mail at the postcard rate.
This is effective because these are existing customers who know your business and might need a reminder to contact you or visit your store.

Mail to People Living in Your Neighborhood
If you don’t have an established mail list, you can still mail. The USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail  service allows you to affordably mail to homes in zip codes and routes near your business. EDDM is used by small businesses to reach new customers and promote events like an anniversary sale or a new service.

Mail to People Who Fit a Profile
EDDM uses a shotgun approach. You mail to everyone near you. But what if you sell medical supplies to seniors? Do you want to spend money to mail to a pair of young newlyweds just because they live two blocks away?
With targeted mail, you mail to people who are likely to become a customer. You can target by age, income, marital status and even target by purchasing habits or hobbies.
This is the most expensive way to mail upfront but the backside sales can be robust.
Texas Printers does mailing and we also offer marketing services. We have people on staff who can help you figure out what type of mailing is best.
Make a commitment to get started now because unless it’s Sunday, the mail is running today.